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Wuxi Pengcheng Flocking Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in May 1992. The company covers an area of 53280 square meters and 31800 square meters of plant. It has a group of engineers and technicians, and a team of senior technicians. Now it produces various textile printing and dyeing post-processing equipment. The company has a strong design level, and has developed core competitiveness flocking machine, coating machine, stereotyping machine, seamless wall cloth coating machine, wallpaper flocking printing machine, in which flocking machine series products have reached a higher level in the industry (domestic since 1997 has basically no imported equipment). The company has a strong manufacturing capacity, with the overall Assembly workshop, unit assembly workshop, sheet metal workshop, metalworking workshop, electrical workshop and so on. Most of the new products are debugged and assembled in the factory and then leave the factory.

Pengcheng flocking can reduce the production cost for enterprises, and make enterprises get more benefits.

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Corporate Culture

"Sincerity, pragmatism, innovation, service" is what we have always followed. What we have always followed is what we have always followed. What we have always followed is what we have always followed is the concept of s corporate culture that we have always followed.


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Our company has successfully honored Jiangsu Province High-tech Enterprise Certificate, and has excellent technology to ensure product quality!


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Solemn commitment, quality assurance, after-sales service, the choice of Pengcheng quality + integrity, we can!

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